We take beer seriously.  There are a lot of imitators but no duplicators.  They can steal our menus and draught lists,  but they can't,or more likely, don't bother to, share our love and knowledge for great beer.  We also stock a huge bottle list for those on a mission to try the best beers in the world.  We feature fresh casks weekly and pick special bottles each week that we know our patrons will love.


We also have wine and spirits if someone in your group hasn't yet acquired a love of hops.  We're going to try to convert them though.  We feel it's our duty.


We offer free peanuts for snacks and recommend some of our restaurant neighbors if you get hungry.


We have a TV but usually it is off unless we think there's something pretty special happening that is worth momentarily sharing our attention with our beer.







If you need to contact us, give us a call when we are open.  That's your best shot.  You can also stop by and say hi.  We'd like that.  (413)256-1710

460 West Street Amherst, MA 01002 (413)256-1710